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Fill up on vitamin D and enjoy the sun and beach activities at Camping Leroux! Bordering Lac d’Argent, you will spend quality time alone or with family. Extend the pleasure of the day contemplating the magnificent sunsets that offers this enchanting site!   Come bring out your child’s heart and enjoy the play areas available for kids and adults at Camping Leroux. Modules games, swings, volleyball, badminton and iron are at your disposal … Fun and laughter guaranteed!   Camping Leroux is located near the bicycle path La Montagnarde, a beautiful getaway part of the circuit «La Route Verte».   * Note that Camping Leroux is certified «Bienvenue cyclistes!»  by Vélo Québec



Camping Leroux rents a diverse range of boats*: pedal boats, canoes, kayaks, rowboats, paddler boards. Price : single boat: $20/hr  and double boat $25/hr. You will be well equipped to enjoy the wonderful scenery of Lac d’Argent!  * Note that only boats with electric motors are allowed on Lac d’Argent

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on lac d’Argent

What’s better than a lot of fishing to win the day. Come to test your talent as a fisherman on Lac d’Argent and try to catch one of the following treasures: * trout, bass, catfish, pike and perch. * Note that in June each year since 1995, 1,500 trout are sewed.



Dog Owner:
Never leave the dog unattended. Control unnecessary barking.
The dog must be on a leash at all times without exceeding the limit of leased land and do not destroy or damage the young trees.
The walk is allowed on leash and minimum 2 bags for the needs of the dog and we should see the bags without having to ask.
Dispose of bags in the large waste container near the parking lot.
Do not use the bathrooms bins for bags of excrement.
If the dog is considered dangerous, a muzzle may be required.
So for all to enjoy, all campers will enjoy a pleasant stay.
No additional fee for the dog.
The dog must sleep inside the camping equipment.
The dog can be left alone in the trailer or RV while the owners are away, if it does not bother anyone, but the dog should never be alone on the camping site.
The dog must not dig holes.
No dog in the sanitary block.
Thank you the direction of Camping Leroux.

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