• For the security of all, the maximum speed allowed to travel on the ground is 3km / h. So it’s very slow! It’s especially important to think of young children.
  • No trailer may move in the rustic tents area.
  • No property belonging to the owner can not be changed without permission, whether for cutting branches, flowers or anything else.
  • We strive to keep the area neat and that’s why we ask for your help:
    – using firepits for campfires;
    – by placing garbage in the container at the exit (empty cans defeats please) and do not forget that leaving a bag on the floor can lead to unwanted visit…;
    – by putting up your firewood in the back of the trailer or in the trunk of the vehicle (daily camper);
    – in your absence, making sure to combine your camping gear when cutting grass.
  • For all to may fully enjoy their stay here, we must avoid noise between 23h and 8h, and the rest of the time, we ask that you respect the neighbors … So, no excessive noise will be tolerated (music, shouting, noisy games …). Play areas are constructed on the site.
  • To ensure a longer life of picnic tables, no tablecloths (plastic sheet) shall be attached with pins or tacks.
  • If you have a carpet at the entrance of your tent or your equipment, we ask that the carpet does not exceed the size of the awning, to protect the lawn (if grass).
  • Everyone must park his vehicle so as not to obstruct the view of beautiful Lac d’Argent! And at any time, we should not park in the streets. No golf kart.
  • It is forbidden to use electric heaters and abuse may require us to warnings seriously … (expulsion of the wrongful seasonal camper in the 48 hours, no refund). It is not possible to install decorative lights in the trees or elsewhere on your site. Only the light of the door may remain lit for 21h to 23h.
  • You know that water comes from a well and in order to save this precious resource, we allow washing the car or the trailer as it’s made using a bucket. All this must be limited to property belonging to the tenant of the site.
  • Display “Non-potable water”: We availed the option to display non-potable water in accordance with the Regulation on the quality of drinking water.
  • In order not to contaminate the trees of the camping, it is now forbidden to bring firewood for campfires. The only accepted wood is the one from the camping.
  • In order to avoid serious accidents, none saw or hatchet can be used on the site. We don’t touch living or dead wood.
  • Dog Owner:
    Never leave the dog unattended. Control unnecessary barking.
    The dog must be on a leash at all times without exceeding the limit of leased land and do not destroy or damage the young trees.
    The walk is allowed according to the laws required by the government (halter or harness) and minimum 2 bags for the needs of the dog and we should see the bags without having to ask.
    Dispose of bags in the large waste container near the parking lot.
    Do not use the bathrooms bins for bags of excrement.
    If the dog is considered dangerous, a muzzle may be required.
    So for all to enjoy, all campers will enjoy a pleasant stay.
    No additional fee for the dog.
    The dog must sleep inside the camping equipment.
    The dog can be left alone in the trailer or RV while the owners are away, if it does not bother anyone, but the dog should never be alone on the camping site.
    The dog must not dig holes.
    No dog in the sanitary block.
    Thank you the direction of Camping Leroux.
  • To facilitate mowing the lawn, help us in arranging your accessories when you leave (eg, bicycles, table, chairs, barbeque).
  • Costs for the admission of visitors (the fee is refunded if visitors leave within 30 minutes of arrival): – see the pricing page
  • The deadline for renewal of a lease is August 15. A deposit of $ 1000 is required and is not refundable because it is the cost of storage for the winter. This deposit becomes the first payment for the next season. Those who decide not to return should notify the owner before 1 April and must leave the site no later than May 1, otherwise charges will be incurred in order to fulfill his contract.
  • It’s not allowed to have clothes washer or dishwasher and toilet house. Only water-saving toilets are permitted
  • Those who have work to do on the site will be allowed to execute them before June 18 or after September 7. No lawn mower is permitted on weekends or holidays in order to ensure the tranquility of all.
  • Legislation of the Township requires the tenant who has a seasonal trailer under 30′ to pay after 90 consecutive days in its territory the sum of $ 10.00 for the following months. For the trailer over 30′, this legislation applies from the first day (not implemented since 2006 to date by the municipality).